Robust core network

Built using first class Cisco equipment, our private IP network is capable of delivering secure connections across the country with built in redundancy and carrier diversity. At our 9 data centre locations, we interconnect with top tier carriers to provide our customers with numerous last mile connectivity options.

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Sophisticated management information system

We have developed a highly sophisticated management information system, with end-to-end processes, strictly defined workflows and procedures that enhance efficiency and make it easy for our customers and partners to do business with us.

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Highly scalable backup storage infrastructure

We have made a significant investment in creating a robust and almost infinitely scalable backup storage infrastructure to support the growing and ever-changing data protection needs of Australian businesses.

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Strong engineering capabilities

Most of our engineers have been with the company for many years and have strong expertise in designing, configuring and maintaining complex network infrastructures. They have designed and built the GCOMM network from the ground up, making it one of the largest and most robust private IP networks in Australia.

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Integrity in everything we do

Deeply rooted in the GCOMM culture is our commitment to delivering an outstanding experience for our customers. Honesty, integrity and transparency are not just words that we use, they are core values that we bring to every customer interaction. Whether it’s responding to an email enquiry or sending an engineer onsite, we ensure that every customer gets the same exceptional level of service, every time.

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International presence

Beyond Australia, we have an office in Europe with a team of engineers, marketing specialists, sales support and business intelligence consultants that directly support GCOMM’s operations and help ensure we have the tools and resources we need to deliver the best IT solutions and service to our customers.