Software licensing

We make software licensing simple

We asses the needs of all the departments in your organisation and recommend the right software and licensing model that will fulfill your requirements and maximise your investment.

Why software licensing?

Software licensing can be quite complex in the business world. Vendors offer numerous licensing options ranging from upfront purchase through to perpetual and pay-as-you use models. Without the right advice you can end up spending a whole lot more than you need to or lock yourself into a licensing model that won’t be flexible to accommodate your needs as they change. Without professional guidance and experience, selecting the right model for each vendor can be risky.

Why GCOMM for you software licensing needs?

We partner with leading software vendors, such as Microsoft, VMware and Citrix to ensure you get the best solutions that will support your business processes and increase effectiveness of daily operations.

GCOMM covers a variety of your needs, including:

  • OS
  • Applications
  • Databases
  • Virtualisation

As part of the software procurement service, we’ll track your warranties, subscriptions, maintenance agreements and purchase history so you don’t have to waste your time trying to keep up with all the different software your organisation has. We also send reminders when renewals come through enabling you to spend time on the tasks that are crucial to your business.

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