Ethernet over NBN

Affordable, high speed connectivity

GCOMM’s Ethernet over NBN is a cost-effective connectivity option that can be delivered as Layer 3, making it an ideal choice for backup service and small branch connectivity.

What is the NBN?

The NBN (National Broadband Network) is a national data network that provides access to high speed broadband to businesses and residences across Australia. The NBN is currently under development. Once complete, the network will be capable of providing broadband speeds of up to 1Gb over Fibre technology.

Why Ethernet over NBN?

Ethernet over NBN is an asynchronous fibre-based service that can be delivered as Layer 3. This makes it particularly suitable for multi-site businesses such as retail chains that have a large number of low bandwidth sites. It’s very similar to ADSL technology as it provides high speed business connectivity at affordable prices.

Is Ethernet over NBN right for me?

GCOMM’s Ethernet over NBN is ideal for most business applications, including streaming multimedia, web browsing, use of corporate intranets and downloading large files. The service is less expensive than Ethernet over Copper, however it is currently not widely available. Customers can only connect to this service if they are located in the NBN coverage area.

Connecting to GCOMM’s Ethernet over NBN

GCOMM offers Ethernet over NBN service for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Office to Internet connectivity
  • Office to GCOMM’s private IP network connectivity
  • Failover connectivity
Affordable bandwidth

NBN is ideal for small branch connectivity and as a backup service.

Service advantages

Affordable cost

Low monthly rates make Ethernet over NBN an ideal primary connection or a secondary backup service.

High speed connections

Achieve high speeds from 12Mb up to 100Mb.

Highly scalable

Can be delivered as Layer 3 service, making it a perfect solution for connecting a large number of sites.

Any-to-any connectivity

Achieve more efficient transfer of information as data doesn’t need to travel via a central point.


Ideal for businesses that:

  • Must connect a large number of small or remote sites
  • Have low to moderate bandwidth needs
  • Want to maintain control of their network
  • Need a reliable secondary backup access

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Peter Thompson,

Managing Director, GCOMM

Ethernet over NBN technical specifications

Below you will find technical information and a list of frequently asked questions about our Ethernet over NBN service. From details about service prerequisites to information about installation and provisioning process, it’s everything you need to help you determine if Ethernet over NBN service is right for you.

Service prerequisites

To connect to GCOMM’s Ethernet over NBN, the customer must be located in the NBN coverage area and have a router that is compatible with the service.

Provisioning process

Step 1: Once the application has been received by GCOMM, the provisioning team orders the service.

Step 2: The NBN engineers attend the customer’s site to install fibre.

Step 3: After the fibre has been installed, a Network Termination Unit (NTU) is installed.

Step 4: Service is activated.

Installation time frames for Ethernet over NBN

After the application has been received by GCOMM, it takes approximately 20 to 30 days for the service to be installed.

Ethernet over NBN FAQ

Q: What equipment is needed for the service?

A: To connect to GCOMM’s Ethernet over NBN service, the customer is required to have a router or a firewall.

Q: Is the router supplied by GCOMM?

A: No, GCOMM does not provide a router as part of the service. If the customer does not have a router that is certified as compatible with the Ethernet over NBN service, GCOMM can supply a router at an additional cost.

Q: Is installation included in the cost of the service?

A: No, there is an additional charge for the installation.

Q: How long does it take to install Ethernet over NBN service?

A:  From the time GCOMM receives the application, it takes between 20 and 30 business days for the service to be installed.

Q: What is the minimum contract requirement for the service?

A: There is a minimum 12 month contract for the Ethernet over NBN service.

Q: Is there a service level agreement for the service?

A: Yes, there is a service level agreement with Ethernet over NBN, but it is not a business grade SLA.

Q: What is the usual response time to service calls?

A: Our target response times vary between 15 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the level of fault severity.

Q: Is there a charge for speed upgrades and downgrades?

A: Yes, charges apply to speed upgrades and downgrades.

Q: In the event that our business moves to a different location, can we transfer our Ethernet over NBN service?

A: Yes, you can transfer your Ethernet over the NBN service if it is available in your new location. Ethernet over NBN is available only in a few, select metro and regional areas across all states (the “NBN lit areas”). Service relocation charges apply.

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