Ethernet over Copper

Fibre-fast speeds, affordable price

Use GCOMM’s Ethernet over Copper to connect to the Internet or to create a secure connection between your business sites over GCOMM’s private IP network. You’ll be able to share files, voice, video and data quickly, efficiently and securely.

What is Ethernet over Copper?

Ethernet over Copper is delivered over copper telephone wires that run between a local telephone exchange and an organisation’s building. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the copper wires can be bonded to deliver higher bandwidth.

Why Ethernet over Copper?

Ethernet over Copper is the most practical option for connecting to the Internet or creating a private IP network. It’s fast, symmetrical and easy to upgrade. Ethernet over Copper can be bonded and therefore provides a reliable, built in redundancy for ultimate business continuity.
Ethernet over Copper offers:

  • Higher bandwidth than E1
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds unlike ADSL
  • Lower monthly costs than Fibre

Is Ethernet over Copper right for me?

Designed for organisations of all sizes, GCOMM’s Ethernet over Copper is ideally suited for the needs of businesses that utilise cloud computing, remote backup, disaster recovery, VoIP, video conferencing and have offices in multiple locations.

Connecting to GCOMM’s Ethernet over Copper

GCOMM offers Ethernet over Copper for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Office to Internet connectivity
  • Point-to-point connectivity between two locations (i.e. office to office, office to data centre)
  • Office to GCOMM’s private IP network connectivity
  • Failover connectivity
Affordable bandwidth

Ideal for office to Internet connectivity or private IP network connectivity.

Service advantages

Dedicated bandwidth

Bandwidth is not shared among customers. You get the speed you pay for, all the time.

Highly scalable bandwidth

Ethernet over Copper service is scalable from 2Mb up to 80Mb.

Layer 2 service

Can be handed off as Layer 2 service allowing you to control networking and routing decisions end-to-end.

High network availability

Guaranteed 99.5% uptime through comprehensive service level agreement.


Ideal for small businesses that need:

  • A dedicated bandwidth service
  • A cost effective way to connect branch offices
  • A failover service for higher availability
  • Different bandwidth at each of their sites

“We are able to deliver the largest number of connectivity options, tailored to best suit your business’ needs. That affects your bottom line – in a good way.”

Adam Tessieri,

Product & Carrier Relations, GCOMM

Ethernet over Copper technical specifications

Below you will find technical information and a list of frequently asked questions about our Ethernet over Copper service. From details about service prerequisites to information about installation and provisioning process, it’s everything you need to help you determine if Ethernet over Copper service is right for you.

Service prerequisites

To connect to Ethernet over Copper, the customer must be located within the network coverage area and have a router that is compatible with the service. The customer must also have a sufficient copper lead-in into the building’s Main Distribution Frame (MDF), as well as sufficient copper lead-in from the MDF to the service installation location. A PSTN number should be provided to confirm that the customer’s address matches Telstra’s system, which is critical to the provider’s ability to deliver the service within the specified time frame.

Provisioning process

Step 1: Provided address is qualified to confirm availability.

Step 2: GCOMM provisioning team orders the service.

Step 3: Copper lines are tagged.

Step 4: Carrier installs Network Termination Unit (NTU) at the customer’s premises.

Step 5: The service is tested and handed off.

Installation time frames for Ethernet over Copper

After the application has been received by GCOMM, it takes 21 business days for the service to be installed.

About our suppliers

GCOMM’s Ethernet over Copper service is offered through Telstra, AAPT and Optus .

Ethernet over Copper FAQ

Q: What equipment is needed for the service?

A: To connect to GCOMM’s Ethernet over Copper service, the customer is required to have a router or a firewall.

Q: Is the router supplied by GCOMM?

A: No, GCOMM does not provide a router as part of the service. If the customer does not have a router that is certified as compatible with the Ethernet over Copper service, GCOMM can supply a router at an additional cost.

Q: Is installation included in the cost of the service?

A: Installation of the service may be included in the cost depending on the contract term. However, the onsite installation of a router into the network is not included.

Q: How long does it take to install Ethernet over Copper service?

A:  From the time GCOMM receives the application, it takes 21 business days for the service to be installed.

Q: What is the minimum contract requirement for the service?

A: There is a minimum 12 month contract for Ethernet over Copper service.

Q: Is there a service level agreement for the service?

A: Yes, there is a service level agreement for Ethernet over Copper.

Q: What is the usual response time to service calls?

A: Our target response times vary between 15 minutes to 4 hours depending on the level of fault severity, as defined in the service level agreement.

Q: What hand-off options are available with the Ethernet over Copper service?

A: All Ethernet over Copper services are handed off as 100base-TX with options of handing the service off as a single access, trunk access or multi-access depending on the provider and the end customer’s requirements.

Q: Is there a charge for speed upgrades and downgrades?

A: Yes, charges apply to speed upgrades and downgrades.

Q: In the event that our business moves to a different location, can we transfer our Ethernet over Copper service?

A: Yes, you can transfer your Ethernet over Copper service if it is available in your new location. Please be advised that a service relocation charge applies.

Q: Is Ethernet over Copper available as a point-to-point service?

A: Yes, depending on the carrier.

Q: Can Ethernet over Copper be delivered as VLAN?

A: Yes, depending on the carrier.

Do you have a question that we didn’t answer? Visit our FAQ section or contact us directly and one of our experts will gladly provide you with the information you need.

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