Business Internet

When it comes to Internet connectivity, one size doesn’t fit all

Whether you are a restaurant chain with hundreds of locations across the country, a financial institution with thousands of remote workers or a regional health care provider, GCOMM can provide you with high quality business Internet services that fit your needs.


Connect via GCOMM’s carrier aggregated, nationwide private IP network.


Speeds ranging from 52Kb
ADSL to 1Gb Fibre.

Industry leading SLAs

You get the speed you pay for,
all the time.

Static IP addresses

Static IP addresses, from 2 to
as many as your business needs.

Three basic models of Internet service

GCOMM’s Australia-wide network ensures that you get access to multiple local and international upstream providers through a single gateway.

Last mile Internet

If you require each of your office branches on the private IP network to connect directly to the Internet, GCOMM can install a separate last mile tail with a traffic package at each of your sites. This configuration allows each site to independently access the Internet without sending traffic across your private IP network.


Centralised Internet gateway

Simplify security and data traffic management between multiple sites on your private network with a centralised Internet gateway. With this configuration, you are able to aggregate Internet through a single Internet data plan across the entire organisation and protect your network with a single firewall located at one of our data centre points of presence. You’ll have access to fast, reliable and uncontended Internet through a 100Mbps or 1 Gbps Ethernet port. Internet speeds at each of your sites are only limited by the speed of your ‘last mile’ connection.


Local Internet gateway

We can provide Internet access for your entire private IP network using a single site’s additional Internet connection. Using this configuration, each individual office on your private network will access the Internet via a localised gateway at one of your business locations.


The GCOMM network advantage

GCOMM’s private IP network enables us to provision Internet services to your business through a single gateway located at one of our data centre locations where we have connections to multiple upstream providers. This means that you’ll experience fast, secure and redundant Internet connection at all times.

GCOMM Network -220x160- static image-smb services

Australia wide coverage

9 points of presence in 6 cities across Australia

Robust core network

Built on best-of-breed Cisco routing and switching technology

Carrier diversity

We aggregate with major Australian telecommunication carriers

MPLS technology

Allows prioritisation of performance-sensitive applications (voice, video and data)


Auto-failover to redundant providers to ensure uninterrupted availability

Network ownership

We can deliver and monitor our customers’ solutions end-to-end