Managed private IP network

Private network – a simple and secure way to connect your business sites

A private IP network on the GCOMM network is created in the form of a private IP link between two or more sites. This secure connection enables simple and secure sharing of data between all of your sites, independent of the Internet.

Fully managed solution

With private IP network as a fully managed solution, you won’t have to worry about anything. GCOMM is responsible for managing your private network end-to-end, at the core and at the edge. This means that we’ll take care of everything, including providing you with on-site routers, configuration, monitoring and maintenance, as well as repairs and replacement, if needed – all backed up by a stringent, business-focused service level agreement.

Our managed private IP network solution is designed to enable the delivery of critical business applications with the highest level of security, reliability and stability to all your locations and remote users, allowing them to work with high efficiency no matter where they are. By consolidating voice, video and data into one scalable and secure platform, you will minimise the complexity of your IT operations and ultimately reduce your costs.

Why GCOMM for your private IP network?

Highly secure and stable

GCOMM’s private IP network is faster and more secure than virtual private networks as site to site traffic never travels over the Internet, and therefore requires no encryption.

Simplified management

Our private IP network can connect to the Internet via a centralised gateway, eliminating the need for firewalls at each site and the overhead that encryption and ongoing management of firewalls incur.

Diverse connectivity options

Services can be delivered nationally utilising the most desirable last mile connectivity from the majority of Australia’s carriers. This means you can get the best connection type at each of your business sites, at the best price possible. We offer a range of options, from ADSL and Ethernet over Copper to wireless 3G broadband.

Highly scalable

The architecture of our network is highly scalable to support the ever-changing needs of today’s businesses. Adding more business locations and employees to the network can be done with ease and without incurring additional costs.

MPLS enabled

Our private IP network is based on Multi Protocol Label Switching technology enabling us to prioritise your business critical applications using different levels of Quality of Service (QoS). This means the applications that are the most important to your business will get the bandwidth they need first.

A range of managed services

Being part of GCOMM’s private IP network will enable you to take advantage of a full range of managed services, including email filtering, cloud backup, voice services, colocation and more.

Cost reduction

The cost of data traffic within a private IP network is fixed. This means you can send virtually unlimited data between any of your branches connected on the private IP network.

Local Australian support

You’ll have access to local, highly skilled engineers who are ready to assist you with all your IT needs.


Managed private IP network is right for your business if you have:

  • Multiple office locations, remote workers or a mobile workforce
  • Offices that are geographically distant
  • Different bandwidth needs at each of your sites
  • An Internet-based network that cannot support your business needs
  • A network infrastructure that you have outgrown
  • A business that is expanding

“GCOMM’s network is built on 100% Cisco foundation, which means your private IP network will run on Cisco routers and switches delivering high performance and security your business needs.”

Michael Bellears,

National Network Manager, GCOMM

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