Managed IT services

Ensure your network is always safe, up to date and running fast

Our GyroScope managed IT services include remote monitoring and management of the active devices on your organisation’s network along with comprehensive reporting on the overall health of your IT environment.

About GyroScope managed IT services

Running out of hard drive space, virus attacks and random glitches in your local area network (LAN) can lead to unexpected network failure and loss of productivity. The break-fix approach can end up costing your business thousands of dollars, and a whole lot of frustration too.

There is a better way to keep your network healthy – it involves regular monitoring and maintenance.

GCOMM’s GyroScope managed IT services includes proactive monitoring and management of your organisation’s network, devices and users, as well as reporting on the health of your IT environment. By routinely scanning your network, workstations and servers for malfunctions, we can pinpoint problems so they can be resolved before they negatively impact your network, causing costly repairs and lost work hours.

Managed IT services – monitoring, management and reporting

Our managed services are built on three pillars – monitoring, management and reporting – an approach designed to optimise your network performance, increase your business productivity and reduce IT operational costs.


We constantly scan your desktops, servers and devices for potential issues so they can be rectified before they turn into problems and cause disruptions to your business.


Proper management of your hard drive resources prevents server crashes and storage overload. Our team of engineers remotely manage your networked devices, applying patches and software updates to keep your system running smoothly.


Our monthly reports provide detailed information about your network reliability, backup data integrity, network security and server performance. In addition, our engineers provide strategic recommendations to help you prioritise your IT investment and enable future planning for your business.

Benefits to your business

Reduce costs

Avoid unexpected and often costly emergency repairs that can devastate your budget.

Increase productivity

We use sophisticated IT tools to monitor your IT environment 24×7 to detect and resolve issues before they cause network downtime.

Predictable monthly expenses

Plan ahead and achieve predictable maintenance and support with the option of one single monthly fee.

Access to a second set of ‘remote hands’

When you are short staffed or need technical assistance , you can call upon a certified and experienced team of engineers.

Why you should perform regular maintenance of your network

  • Critical security updates need to be applied to operating systems as they are released
  • Router, firewall and antivirus software requires regular management
  • Prevent server crashes and storage overload with proper management of hard drive resources
  • Minimise unexpected repair costs


Why GCOMM’s managed IT services?

  • Over 17 years of experience in network support and engineering
  • Trusted by over 400 business customers across Australia
  • Manage over 500 customer networks nationally
  • Answer over 100 support calls every week

“We believe we are doing our best work when our customers never have to think about their IT infrastructure because it just works.”

Peter Thompson,

Managing Director, GCOMM

How you benefitService specifics
Helps predict when serious problems may occur, thus reducing the amount of time it takes to respond to an issue.Remote Management & Monitoring
Receive monthly reports summarising the health of your IT environment along with strategic recommendations by our engineers.Comprehensive Reports with Recommendations
If there is a potential risk on your network, our technicians will notify you immediately.Proactive alerts via email
Keep track of successful backups, failed backups and backups completed with errors.Backup Monitoring
Ensure your firewalls, anti-virus and other security software is up-to-date to keep your network safe from threats.Security Monitoring
Know where performance bottlenecks are occurring and which servers are working at capacity and may need to be upgradedHardware Monitoring
Ensure that patches are being applied to your computers as they fix vulnerabilities and keep your software up to date.Patch Management
Keep an up-to-date inventory of your hardware and software assets so you can make better decisions about purchasing new products and services.Asset Reporting
Receive strategic recommendation and advice from your Account Manager on how to make the most of your IT investment.IT Consulting and Feedback
Speak with our IT experts via telephone when you have a question or need assistance.Business Hours Phone Support (chargeable)
When you contact us for assistance, your status as a Priority Client makes you a top priority for our help desk support.Priority Client Response

Technical engineering support

A certain number of hours of engineering support are included in the service. We will determine the number of engineering hours based on your organisation’s size, the health of your IT environment and future goals. The number of engineering hours can range from as little as 2 up to 30 per month depending on your needs. As your business needs change over time, we’ll scale the number of hours up or down to accommodate you.

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