Managed email filtering

Protect your business from spam and email viruses

GCOMM’s fully managed email filtering lets you free up your valuable network resources, reduce your email storage requirements, preserve bandwidth and cut down on costs.

How does managed email filtering work?

GCOMM’s managed email filtering is a comprehensive, business grade security solution that runs on Cisco IronPort platform, the world leading anti-spam vendor.

We combine leading edge anti-spam, anti-virus, content filtering and encryption technologies to filter all inbound and outbound emails through our protection system located at GCOMM’s secure data centre facilities.

With a multilayer approach to email filtering enabled by IronPort, you can have peace of mind that harmful content is accurately identified with virtually zero false positives.

Key features

  • Protection against email viruses
  • Protection against spam messages
  • Unparalleled accuracy: less than 1 in a million false positive rate
  • Fast and easy service deployment
  • End-to-end security solution delivered from the cloud

Why managed email filtering?

Save time and money
Relieve your IT staff from the time consuming task of sorting and deleting spam emails manually.

Preserve bandwidth
Save on bandwidth usage and reduce email storage costs by only receiving legitimate emails.

Secure your network
With a recognition rate of 99,99%, our filtering service is extremely reliable at blocking harmful content from entering your network.

Comply with regulations
Meet security and compliance objectives by ensuring your network is protected from malicious emails at all times.


Powered by Cisco IronPort

Our email filtering technology is powered by Cisco IronPort and is designed to protect against the broadest range of known and emerging email threats, giving you peace of mind that your network is fully protected at all times.

Complete protection with GCOMM’s managed email filtering

Blocks spam from reaching your network and slowing down legitimate network traffic.

Prevents viruses from attacking your network and compromising your critical data, files and applications.

Blocks harmful programs from gaining unauthorised access to your network and crippling your devices.

Keeps your network protected from malicious files and links that install viruses on computers.

Provisioning process

Step 1: Order received by GCOMM
Step 2: Customer’s domain is configured on the IronPort platform
Step 3: Filtering device is delivered to the customer
Step 4: Customer redirects MX (Mail Exchange) records and locks down firewall
Step 5: GCOMM activates service and takes over management of email filtering

Managed email filtering FAQ

Q: What is the success rate?

A: Our email filtering service is extremely accurate, blocking 99,99% of spam before it traverses your network.

Q: What is the risk of false positives?

A: 1 in a million false positives ratio gives you assurance that next to none of your business critical email will be flagged as spam.

Q: What platform does GCOMM’s email filtering system run on?

A: GCOMM’s email filtering system runs on the Cisco IronPort platform, the world’s leading anti-spam vendor.

Q: What spam detection tools are used?

A: GCOMM provides the highest level of email protection with highly sophisticated preventative and reactive technologies, as well as email management tools from Cisco IronPort. Email and web filtering technology is combined with Cisco’s industry-leading anti-spam feature to provide reliable protection from spam.

Q: Is GCOMM’s email filtering service compatible with my mail server?

A: Yes, GCOMM’s email filtering service is compatible with all mail servers.

Q: How does GCOMM charge for the email filtering service?

A: There is a monthly fee based on the number of domains and email accounts that a customer wishes to protect.

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