Hosted firewall

Security and Internet access for small business WAN

GCOMM’s hosted firewall provides security to your private IP network and facilitates company-wide Internet access through a centralised gateway that resides within our highly secure data centre.

Why GCOMM’s hosted firewall?

We deliver firewall as a service, so you don’t need to worry about the cost of leasing rack space, paying for power supply and Ethernet ports in a data centre. You don’t need to purchase any software or hardware. And you don’t have to think about licence renewals.

Access to centralised Internet gateway

As it is located in GCOMM’s data centre, the hosted firewall works as a centralised Internet gateway which enables you to facilitate Internet access through a single secure point to all the business sites connected to your private IP network.

This allows all user activity and company-wide security policies to be monitored from a single point, thus reducing the burden and costs associated with having to purchase, install and manage multiple firewalls. Additionally, you can add any number of sites to your network without impacting bandwidth performance for any of them.

Two flexible firewall hosting options

Hosted firewall

This service is suitable for businesses that want to enjoy the benefits of having their firewall hosted in a GCOMM data centre, but prefer to have full access and control over their firewall. Our engineers will set up your firewall with WAN and LAN IP addresses and provide you with a login so your IT experts can configure the firewall according to your business needs and perform ongoing moves, adds and changes.

Maintained hosted firewall

This service caters to those businesses that don’t have the technical expertise or resources to perform maintenance of their firewall and instead prefer to outsource this function to GCOMM’s IT specialists. With the maintained hosted firewall service, GCOMM takes care of everything. Our engineers will configure the set of rules you need applied to your network and perform ongoing moves, adds and changes as needed.

Service advantages

Lower costs

Reduce costs as you won’t have to purchase expensive equipment, pay for software upgrades or manage multiple firewalls.

Continuous protection

Experience continuous network protection guaranteed through a 99.90% availability service level agreement.

Leading edge technology

Delivered as a service, our enterprise grade firewall technology comes at affordable small business prices.

Simplified security management

Implement and administer security policies across all of your branches on the private IP network via a single point.


Service highlights

  • Firewall delivered as a service
  • No hardware purchase required
  • No colocation costs
  • Secure, centralised gateway to the Internet

“Our hosted firewall solution enables small business customers to secure their WAN and take advantage of our centralised Internet gateway and enterprise grade technology at an affordable, small business price.”

Todd Brooker,

Sales Director, GCOMM

Service inclusions and responsibilities

Maintained Hosted FirewallHosted FirewallService inclusions and responsibilities
IncludedOptional extraSetup and configuration
IncludedOptional extraSupport for ongoing moves, adds and changes
GCOMMCustomerDHCP server
GCOMMCustomerRouting (static)
Optional extraCustomerRouting (policy, dynamic (RIP, OSPF, multicast)
Optional extraCustomerTraffic shaper
Optional extraCustomerIPSEC VPN
Optional extraCustomerSSL VPN
Optional extraCustomerUser authentication (single sign on (LDPA, Radius, TACACS+)
Optional extraCustomerTwo-factor authentication (Fortitoken) – additional licencing required
IncludedOptional extraNetwork Performance Monitoring (Netview)

Optional extra – service can be purchased for an additional fee
GCOMM – GCOMM is responsible for firewall maintenance
Customer – Customer is responsible for firewall maintenance

Provisioning process

Step 1: Client orders service from GCOMM.

Step 2: GCOMM sets up the firewall with WAN and LAN IP addresses.

Step 3: GCOMM configures the firewall rules. In the case of hosted firewall, the login details are sent to the customer so they can perform configuration of the firewall rules.

Step 4: GCOMM performs cutover of the network to the new firewall.

Hosted firewall FAQ

Q: Does the service include virtual private network licences?

A: Yes, the licences are included in the service. It supports IPSEC VPN and SSL VPN.

Q: Are the UTM (United Threat Management) features included as part of the service?

A: No, UTM features, including content filtering, gateway anti-virus and intrusion prevention system are not included as part of the service.

Q: How does GCOMM charge for the hosted firewall service?

A: There is a flat monthly fee for the service.

Q: Is the initial configuration of the firewall covered by the service fee?

A: The initial configuration of the firewall is covered by the monthly fee for the maintained hosted firewall service. For the hosted firewall service, the configuration is performed by the customer and is not included in the service fee.

Q: Is the support for moves, adds, changes or configuration related requests covered by the service fee?

A: The support for moves, adds, changes and configuration related requests is covered by the monthly fee for the maintained hosted firewall service. For the hosted firewall service, the customer is responsible for configuring all of their own firewall rules and performing any ongoing moves, adds and changes themselves.

Q: What is the guaranteed service uptime?

A: Our hosted firewall service is backed by a 99.90%  availability service level agreement.

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