Backup solutions

Enterprise grade data protection for small business

Whether you have a single site business, an online business or operate multiple offices, our backup service can be customised to fit your organisation’s data protection needs – and your budget.

Benefits to your business

Complete and unified data protection

With our backup service, you have the ability to backup and restore critical data residing on desktops, servers, laptops, tablets, iPhones and in cloud-based platforms, such as Salesforce. No matter where your data is, you can manage the backup process in a simple and standardised way.

Uncompromised level of security

For ultimate data protection, we offer vaults in two geographically separate data centres, as well as an on-site vault. Your data can be stored on your premises, in a reliable remote facility, or both, if your business requires an additional level of security.

Guaranteed restorability

Our highly secure storage vaults are coupled with world leading backup software which guarantees that your data is completely and almost instantly restorable in the event of a disaster.

Predictable costs

Our vaults are designed to store a virtually unlimited amount of data. You pay a monthly fee based on the amount of data you have backed up and that’s it. You don’t have to worry about extra charges for hardware purchase or software installation and upgrades.

Reduced operation and admin costs

With simple, automated backup you can fully automate your backup processes and reduce manual intervention from your IT staff. You can schedule your data backups to run automatically at regular intervals and as often as your business requires it – weekly, daily or multiple times a day.



GCOMM’s backup services are offered through our subsidiary , LiveBackup , Australia’s leading cloud backup and recovery service provider.

  • 300 TB of customer data
  • 800 backup sets daily
  • 200 satisfied customers
  • 2000 servers protected in 1000 networks

Key backup service features

  • Scalable storage space from 100Gb to terabytes of data
  • Data integrity and availability guaranteed
  • Agentless technology which requires minimal management
  • 100% automated backup, no manual intervention required
  • Two highly secure, reliable data centre locations in Sydney and Brisbane
  • “Ready to restore” on-site vault for near instant data restoration
  • Data monitored around-the-clock
  • File and object level based backup solutions available
  • Additional image based backup solutions available for physical, virtual and hybrid environments
  • Alerting and notification system, frequency of the backup status reports are set by the customer

State-of-the-art data centres

Our backup vaults are located in certified data centers in Equinix, Sydney and Fujitsu, Brisbane. In both locations, resides the enterprise grade storage platform that is comprised of large-scale, backup disk storage hardware that is monitored 24x7x365 by highly trained and experienced operations staff.

Unparalleled security

Privacy and integrity of your data are our top priorities. From transfer to storage, your data is protected using AES128-256 bit encryption preventing unauthorised access.

Data safety

We prevent data corruption with additional safety features, such as “auto-healing”, which automatically identifies and attempts to correct inconsistent or corrupted files as they are being backed up. To ensure complete restorability, our software uses data validation in regular intervals.

World leading backup and restore software

We utilise Asigra, one of the world’s leading backup and restore softwares, to deliver maximum security for your business critical data. With over 25 years of market presence, Asigra has unmatched knowledge and expertise in cloud backup and recovery. Built on a simple, but powerful platform, Asigra software ensures that your data is backed up easily, efficiently and is 100% recoverable.

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