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The Future of Business Q&A lunch with Sir Richard Branson

Last month, GCOMM had an honor to attend UQ Business School’s NEXT? The Future of Business Q&A lunch with Sir Richard Branson, held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Considered to be one of the most important and prestigious business events of the year, the lunch gathered professionals from around Australia to hear some of today’s leading business figures discuss the questions put before them.

GCOMM thought this would be an interesting and valuable experience to share with its customers, which is why the company booked a table at the event.

In total, more than 1500 guests attended, thrilled to hear Sir Richard Branson and other respected panellists including Professor Andrew Griffiths, Chris Cameron, Tim Longhurst and Mick Spencer discuss matters that could change the future of business. The panellists were asked to discuss five questions that were deemed as the most thought-provoking out of the numerous entries submitted by the business community.

Some of the main topics covered included capitalising on the emerging markets where Branson pointed out South America as a huge opportunity in contrast to Australia’s general bias toward Asia. He also expressed his belief that today’s educational systems are generally failing entrepreneurs as they are overtly biased towards creating employees, not employers. The panelists believe there needs to be more balance in the educational system to encourage entrepreneurship as part of the degree process.

Branson also shared his belief that the opportunities of tomorrow lie in the renewable energy technologies as the world re-engineers its energy sources.  Branson was very excited about space as the future of business, given he has conquered many industries on Earth it seems like the next logical step! He is investing heavily in both of these areas.

“It was a great opportunity for GCOMM and our customers to attend a world class event hosted by UQ Business School and headlined by Richard Branson, amongst other industry leading panelists,” says Adam Tessieri, Sales Director, GCOMM. “I think the most exciting take away from the event was that the opportunity for business has never been greater. Branson is an extremely positive person and stressed the importance entrepreneurs play in business, particularly when unorthodox and breaking traditional moulds often set by Universities. He believes CEOs should be great listeners and be able to encourage their teams constructively, whilst recognising the key ingredient in growing your business is to employ capable management as early as possible in your business growth cycle, and as a CEO to disengage operationally to get the best success.”

Images credit: The Next Question