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Product Update: GCOMM Cloud PBX gets a refresh

When the GCOMM Cloud PBX service was first released in 2015, it was a big deal both for the organisation and our clients. This was one of the first major strides in our journey from being a telecommunications provider to becoming a Cloud Communications service provider.

A lot has happened between 2015 and now. We have since connected with Gartner, a global leader in technology research, whom we receive strategic advice from. Last year, we finalised a new company strategy, revolving around delivering best-of-breed technology solutions to our customers in a sleek, clear-cut package.

The first Cloud PBX release was a success due to the ease of use, low maintenance and competitive pricing of the product. The GCOMM Cloud PBX platform is trusted by over 1000 business users.

In the years since, we have made new technological advancements and gained new insights into the industry and our clients. We wanted to take Cloud PBX from good to great, and now had the tools, knowledge, and expertise to do so.

Our new Cloud PBX offering keeps the known benefits that our clients love, but goes further to provide 4 uniquely defined service options to choose from. Essential, standard, professional and premium plans offer a basic service, all the way to a completely inclusive communications offering.

Our new plans make it extremely easy for clients to know which service tier suits their organisation, and what exactly will be delivered, at a glance. Extensive documentation and training materials make it easier than ever to administer the service with minimal effort.

Want to know more? View plans and pricing here, or schedule a consultation: https://gcomm.com.au/cloud/cloud-pbx/#plansandpricing