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GCOMM launches hosted firewall service for small business

It is with great pleasure that GCOMM announces the launch of our newest service– hosted firewall. GCOMM’s hosted firewall provides security to your WAN and facilitates company-wide Internet access through a centralised gateway that resides within our highly secure data centre.

How it works

GCOMM’s hosted firewall is a virtual instance that resides on a shared platform located in our highly secure data centre facility. This means you don’t have to purchase a firewall device, pay for rack space, power supply or Ethernet ports, but can still enjoy the same high level of security that hardware-based firewalls offer.

As it is located at GCOMM’s data centre, the hosted firewall works as a centralised Internet gateway which enables you to facilitate Internet access through a single secure point to all the business sites connected to your private IP network. This allows all user activity and company-wide security policies to be monitored from a single point, thus reducing the burden and costs associated with having to purchase, install and manage multiple firewalls.

Two flexible options

GCOMM offers two options to meet the needs of small businesses – hosted firewall and maintained hosted firewall. The difference between the two options is whether or not customers prefer to have full access over their firewall, or would like to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing firewall maintenance to GCOMM’s IT specialists instead.

The benefits

  • No need to invest in expensive equipment, pay for software upgrades or hire staff to manage multiple devices across multiple office locations
  • Security policies across all offices on the private IP network can be implemented and administered via one central point
  • Continuous network protection guaranteed through a 99.9% 24x7x365 service level agreement
  • Reduced capital equipment expenses as our enterprise grade technology comes at small business prices

GCOMM continues to work hard to not only maintaining a superior level of service, but also to deliver new products and services customised to meet our customers’ business needs.

Key features

  • Firewall as a service
  • Enables Internet access via centralised Internet gateway
  • Resides in GCOMM’s secure data centre
  • Simplifies security management across WAN
  • Flexible maintenance options