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GCOMM expands its network footprint

It is with great enthusiasm and pleasure that GCOMM announces the completion of the Darwin Point-of-Presence (PoP). GCOMM already had 8 PoPs located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast. The new one in Darwin demonstrates the company’s dedication to growing its network and improving the services it offers to its customers.

GCOMM operates an Australia-wide high speed aggregated broadband network based on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). Built on Cisco core networking equipment and aggregated service provider switches, GCOMM’s network is the best of breed technology and extremely well supported by the most widely used and reliable platform globally. With the new PoP in Darwin, GCOMM is now able to provide cost effective, business grade fibre, ethernet and ADSL solutions to its customers and channel partners in the Northern Territory.

This network expansion was enabled as a result of Nextgen Networks completing the last component of the Federal Government’s $250 million Regional Backbone Blackspot Program (RBBP) in the Northern Territory last year.

The enhanced network means that GCOMM’s partners will be able to extend their services to the Northern Territory whilst being assured the broadband solutions will stay cost effective and carrier neutral. GCOMM stays committed to providing business grade services to its customers and leveraging last mile connectivity.

GCOMM believes that this network expansion will provide far more cost effective solution to its customers than ever before. If you would like to learn more about GCOMM’s network growth and how it could benefit your business, please feel free to contact me at mbellears@gcomm.com.au.