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GCOMM completes NBN agreement Australia wide

It is with great anticipation and excitement that GCOMM announces the finalisation of its arrangements for the provision of National Broadband Network (NBN) to its customers across all of Australia. This new network represents technology that will allow GCOMM to go above and beyond in its commitment to providing Australian businesses with all options for complete network coverage.

As the Australian telecommunications arena expands and evolves, GCOMM continues to be at the forefront continuously delivering high quality product, value and support to business customers and channel partners. The deployment of NBN will play a key role in the way that both consumers and businesses interconnect over the coming years. The evolving telecommunication landscape comes with a lot of uncertainty and complexity. GCOMM’s customers and channel partners are turning to the company to assess the available options and provide a complete solution in the form of simple transparent managed products. GCOMM is able to achieve this by aggregating the many available services and bundling them into one fully managed network. This has proved to be a good solution for its channel partners, who go on to bundle their own service packages and provide their customers with a perfect solution.

Over the years, NBN will gradually transform the telecommunications landscape which will prove to be a fundamental shift in the long term. GCOMM recognises this transformation as a significant opportunity for product development alongside the new network and plans to seize it, having already focused its energy and investment in this area.

The NBN will open up opportunities that create a better environment for businesses to interact with other businesses and their customers, alleviating the crippling effects of productivity challenges that many Australian businesses face. NBN will be a drive behind improved business operations ultimately leading to a better delivery of services through a more cost-effective mechanism. GCOMM is behind their customers in this journey and will see to it that they achieve this outcome.