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Internet connectivity
your business can depend on

Whether you are a regional health care provider, a shipping company with hundreds of employees on the road or a financial institution with offices across the country, GCOMM can match all your connectivity needs with the right technology.

We supply business grade Internet connections over our nationwide aggregated broadband network that is monitored 24×7, guarantees high availability, minimal latency and fast and uncongested data transfer between your networks.

Carrier-grade backbone
Get high-speed, low-latency connectivity to each of your business sites delivered over GCOMM’s carrier-grade broadband network.

Flexible plans
Choose a package that fits your usage and your budget. From unlimited to pre-paid, we offer a variety of data plans.

Selection of speeds and access technologies
From 256Kb ADSL to 1Gb Fibre, you can cherry pick from a variety of speeds and access technologies at each of your locations.

Guaranteed security
Our network is monitored 24x7x365 using advanced monitoring tools while our engineers proactively identify and resolve issues.

BGP peering
GCOMM has peering agreements with major traffic haulers, which means we can deliver powerful network performance and added redundancy.

Carrier independent
GCOMM’s carrier independent private IP network can deliver secure connections across Australia with built-in redundancy and carrier diversity.

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