Solutions designed for the needs of your business

Our comprehensive suite of IT solutions addresses the challenges Australia’s corporate businesses face today.
Todd Brooker, Sales Director

Private IP Network

Share data, voice, video and other business critical applications across your branches securely and efficiently.

Managed Routers

Ensure your WAN is running smoothly by outsourcing the management of your networked devices to us.

Layer 2

Retain full control over managing your networking and routing decisions with layer 2 networking solution.

Multihomed Diverse IP Transit

Take advantage of our diverse IP transit service and experience fast, reliable and highly available business connectivity.

International Links

Experience seamless and highly secure connectivity that extends to your offshore business locations.

Interstate Links

Experience fast, secure and reliable connectivity between all your sites, no matter where they are in Australia.

OSPF Solutions

Reduce routing overhead, achieve network redundancy and optimise LAN performance with OSPF routing solutions.

BGP Peering

Optimise network performance, achieve redundancy and lower your data traffic costs by leveraging GCOMM’s peering relationships.

We deliver world class IT solutions

Meeting today’s economic demands and maintaining a competitive edge with fewer resources is a tough challenge. That’s why GCOMM offers a wide range of innovative IT solutions to help growing companies like yours work more productively and profitably to succeed in today’s global economy.
Solutions to meet your needs

From connecting geographically distant offices to enhancing network performance and reducing your overhead costs, our solutions cover your every business need.

Best-of-breed technology

Built on the best-of-breed Cisco routing and switching equipment, our network provides a powerful and highly scalable platform for delivering a range of IT solutions.

Skilled support

Our engineers, technicians and help desk staff are highly qualified and fully trained to address the entire spectrum of technology challenges.

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