Enterprise cloud backup

From the data centre to end point devices

GCOMM’s enterprise cloud solution is designed specifically for cloud environments and offers efficiencies that traditional backup solutions can’t. By capturing and storing less data, you’ll be able to reduce the costs associated with purchasing, managing and maintaining backup assets.

End-to-end data protection with a single platform

Our cloud backup solution makes data protection across multiple sites and disparate devices incredibly simple and efficient. Through a single enterprise data protection platform, you can easily back up data and manage it across your organisation and employee mobile devices. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, as well as data residing in cloud-based business applications, like Salesforce. With GCOMM’s cloud backup you can ensure that all your corporate information from across your data centre, LAN and endpoint devices can be safely backed up and restored, at any time from anywhere.

Why choose GCOMM cloud backup?

  • Uncompromising security
  • One centralised platform for all business data
  • Simple billing and predictable costs
  • Reduced administrative overheads

Recover from anywhere

GCOMM’s enterprise cloud backup lets you protect data in cloud-based applications and platforms the same way your other data is backed up, helping you to reclaim control of critical information that resides outside your organisation and data centres.

Your data in SaaS and PaaS clouds will be backed up in authorised, secure data centres in an encrypted format so it is protected according to the highest standards of security. You can choose the frequency and granularity of backups enabling you to meet your organisation’s needs, as well as regulatory and compliance requirements.

Cloud backup technical specifications

Key backup service features

  • Scalable storage space from 100Gb to terabytes of data
  • Data integrity and availability guaranteed
  • Agentless technology which requires minimal management
  • 100% automated backup, no manual intervention required
  • Two highly secure, reliable data centre locations in Sydney and Brisbane
  • “Ready to restore” on-site vault for near instant data restoration
  • Data monitored around-the-clock
  • File and object level based backup solutions available
  • Additional image based backup solutions available for physical, virtual and hybrid environments
  • Alerting and notification system, frequency of the backup status reports are set by the customer

State-of-the-art data centres

Our backup vaults are located in certified data centers in Equinix, Sydney and Fujitsu, Brisbane. In both locations, resides the enterprise grade storage platform that is comprised of large-scale, backup disk storage hardware that is monitored 24x7x365 by highly trained and experienced operations staff.

Military grade security

Privacy and integrity of your data are our top priorities. From transfer to storage, your data is protected using AES128-256 bit encryption preventing unauthorised access.

Data safety

We prevent data corruption with additional safety features, such as “autonomic self-healing”, which automatically identifies and attempts to correct inconsistent or corrupted files as they are being backed up. To ensure complete restorability, our software uses data validation in regular intervals.

Data validation

Data validation provides an additional safety measure to the “autonomic self-healing” process ensuring that data integrity is maintained. Restoring large amounts of data over the Internet can be time-consuming. We offer a more efficient way to validate backed up data.

FIPS 140 standard

Our underlying software is certified and compliant with the US Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140 standard. It allows us to deliver premier information security to government agencies and businesses, exceeding regulatory compliance standards mandated to protect sensitive or classified data.

World leading backup and restore software

We utilise Asigra, world leading backup and restore software, to deliver maximum security for your business critical data. With over 25 years of market presence, Asigra has unmatched knowledge and expertise in cloud backup and recovery. Built on a simple, but powerful platform, Asigra software ensures that your data is backed up easily, efficiently and is 100% recoverable.

“Our cloud backup service lets you back up and store all your business critical data across your multiple locations and user devices in one centralised location. You’ll simplify data management and realise cost savings.”

Anthony Jackson, Senior Account Executive, GCOMM

Brochure: GCOMM Network Capabilities

Learn more about the GCOMM network, our Network Operations Centre, our network capabilities and the services we offer, including private IP network solution and centralised Internet gateway

Enterprise backup deployment models

Fully managed backup service

Fully managed service that includes an onsite vault, data stored and replicated in GCOMM data centres, backup monitoring and management.

Private cloud vault

GCOMM provides a software license and the customers are responsible for managing their backups. Data is stored in the customer’s private cloud (data centre). If needed, GCOMM can supply on-site vaults.

Hybrid cloud solution

Similar to private cloud deployment, however in this scenario data is replicated from customer managed private cloud to GCOMM data centre.

Contact us regarding enterprise cloud backup solution

For more information about GCOMM’s Enterprise cloud backup solution, contact us on 1300 221 115 or send us an enquiry and we will respond within 48 hours.

Contact us regarding enterprise cloud backup solution

For more information about GCOMM’s Enterprise cloud backup solution, contact us on 1300 221 115 or send us an enquiry and we will respond within 48 hours.