Data centre services customised to your business needs

Our data centre services let you harness the power of best-of-breed technology and carrier-grade facilities, providing you with solutions that are reliable, scalable and more cost-efficient.
Steve Cannard, Infrastructure Deployment Manager


Highly scalable rack space, from 1RU to full racks, with access to business grade Internet connectivity.

Centralised Internet Gateway

Simplified security and Internet traffic management with centralised Internet access via one of our data centres.

Managed Email Filtering

Secure your network with our enterprise grade email filtering service that has 99,99% recognition rate.

Secure and reliable data centres

GCOMM’s data centre facilities house many of Australia’s largest companies’ servers and are designed to deliver the highest level of security, uptime and reliability.
Data centre security

Our data centres are state-of-the-art facilities that provide a secure and climate controlled computing environment, equipped with motion detection cameras and 24x7x365 monitoring.

Internet connectivity

Our data centre customers can easily connect to GCOMM’s Internet backbone, which provides excellent reliability via our interconnections with multiple upstream provider and diversity of carriers.

Network reliability

Our data centre facilities are highly redundant and utilise entirely Cisco core network routers and switching equipment.

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