Wholesale and reseller services

We deliver a broad range of customisable services that you can sell on their own or integrate into your solutions.

Data centres

GCOMM has 9 points of presence in secure data centre facilities across Australia. At each location, we provide fast and highly redundant Internet connection using a wide array of ‘last mile’ connectivity options, including ADSL, Ethernet over Copper and Fibre. In addition to Internet access, you can take advantage of a number of services, including colocation, centralised Internet gateway, managed email filtering and hosted firewall.



From 1RU to full racks, we offer colocation solutions that are easily scalable to different business requirements. Through our data centre locations across Australia, we offer access to multiple carrier connections and high bandwidth Internet.


Voice/Private SIP gateway

GCOMM’s voice service allows for voice calls to be made over our national broadband network using business-grade connectivity to achieve significant cost savings without compromising call quality. Companies can make all of their calls via GCOMM voice and considerably reduce their business call costs.


Private IP networks

GCOMM’s private IP network solution enables businesses with multiple branch offices to easily and securely share data between the sites, independently of the Internet. A private IP network on the GCOMM network is created in the form of a private IP link between two or more sites and is highly scalable.


Centralised Internet gateway

Our centralised Internet gateway lets you manage Internet traffic and security policies across all sites configured on the private IP network via one central point. The gateway is combined with a firewall and is fully managed by GCOMM to ensure that your network is protected at all times.


Hosted firewall

Our hosted firewall service protects your customers’ network through a centralised firewall that is hosted on a shared platform within our data centre. This security solution eliminates the need for on-premise firewalls, software, hardware or colocation services.


Layer 2 networks

GCOMM is capable of providing Layer 2 services across all of our carrier partners in Australia, leaving you in charge of managing your network end-to-end.


OSPF solutions

GCOMM is capable of utilising OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) intra-domain routing protocol to help customers and partners achieve network redundancy and improve the performance of their local area network.


BGP peering

Using BGP routing, GCOMM is capable of peering with upstream carriers and customers who have IP ranges to provide the most optimal route for data traffic, as well as multiple levels of redundancy between services.


Multihomed diverse IP transit

Our points of presence are connected through multiple, diverse path carrier services ensuring reliable, highly available business connectivity. Through our MPLS private IP network, we provide a multihomed Internet access service and implement BGP routing protocol to provide the fastest routes and the lowest possible latency to Internet destinations.