IT consultants, are you ready to grow your business?

The competition in the IT consulting business is fierce. To differentiate yourself, you have to offer your customers something different – and better – than your competitors.

Differentiate your business and increase profit

Your customers have diverse and complex IT needs. They need a fast and reliable Internet connection. They have business critical data that they need to protect. They may have private networks that require ongoing management. You, as an IT consultant, can meet your customers’ demands by pointing them to the experts capable of providing the services they need.

We have solutions for today’s businesses

As one of Australia’s leading IT providers, GCOMM has a large portfolio of industry-leading solutions, including connectivity, colocation and managed network services for small, mid-market and enterprise customers.

By simply referring your customers to GCOMM, you’ll earn a trailing commission for the services your customers purchase from us. It’s a simple and risk-free way to earn additional profit while reinforcing your “trusted advisor” status among your customers.

Exceptional partner support. We provide you with face-to-face training and proven marketing tools so you can grow your business with ease and confidence.

Interested in partnering with GCOMM to grow your sales?

GCOMM has a successful track record of forming long-term partnerships with IT consultants, service providers and technology leaders across Australia. We currently have a channel partner network of more than 100 businesses which keeps expanding.

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Our services:

  • National Cisco MPLS network with full carrier aggregation
  • Colocation, hosting and Internet services
  • Managed network, router and firewall services
  • Cloud backup, storage and monitoring
  • International and satellite private network links
  • Private SIP gateway