Our connectivity options are available as private network, Internet or Layer 2.

Fibre technologies

Whether you need to facilitate point-to-point connectivity, deliver a backup service or implement a super-fast, dedicated connection to the Internet, GCOMM can provide you with a variety of fibre technologies. Our fibre services are highly scalable, up to 10Gb and can be delivered as Layer 2, Layer 3 or Dark Fibre.


Copper technologies

We offer a selection of copper-based connectivity options that can be used to establish a connection to the Internet, create a private IP network or deliver a failover service. Using copper technology, we can deliver up to 80Mb of speed and uncontended service.


Wireless technologies

If you need to facilitate point-to-point or multipoint connectivity, link your customers’ mobile workforce to the Internet or to the private network, GCOMM can provide you with a choice of wireless technologies, including Ethernet over Wireless and Wireless 3G.


Interstate backhaul and international links

Using fibre technology, GCOMM can implement secure and seamless multi-site connectivity between your customers’ offices across Australia or in international locations. Our international connectivity solution is delivered as layer 3, whereas interstate connectivity can be delivered as Layer 2, Layer 3 or independently of the GCOMM network.


Fixed and portable satelite

Our satellite services are available nationally, have low contention ratio and can deliver speeds up to 100Mb. We partner with Cygnus to deliver satellite services over an industry-leading platform that enables uninterrupted, high speed data, voice and video two-way connectivity.