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When is the right time to reconsider data backup

Nobody likes backing up. It’s daunting and time consuming to perform. It’s not cheap either. Business grade backup solutions are costly, depending on how much data you need to backup and its frequency of change. High recovery point objectives mean frequent backup sets which further adds to the volume of storage and consequently burdens management.

Even though backup prices have been declining, the amount of data being produced is constantly on the rise and as a result, the cost of backup is rising along with it. Backup providers are increasingly facing challenges of how to sell the service to businesses as the majority of companies tend to associate backup with the cost. Due to this, they are reluctant to pay the premium price for something they don’t think they need. Until of course a disaster occurs and they have lost the majority of their business critical data and only after the fact do they start looking into backup solutions to safeguard themselves from any future recurrences.

And here is where the problem lies – the fact that people only think of things in hindsight and not before the fact, the same can be said of investing in a secure backup solution. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why.

Why so many of us only choose backup as a secondary option

As previously discussed, people and businesses more often than not always choose to go with the easiest and least cost burdening option when it comes to a lot of things in life, and although this approach is understandable given that they have a certain budget they have to stick to, sometimes that added splurge on something is absolutely necessary and will pay off more in the long run than at that initial point of purchase. I.e investing in a backup solution prior to losing critical data and suffering the consequences.

If you’re a smart manager, you will be aware of the risks and the toll such a loss could take on your business and will make sure to protect the firm from any hindrances to its performance and consequently, success beforehand.

As businesses become more reliant on data to run their business, their customer information, transnational data and data in the form of intellectual properties, with the proliferation of devices where data is created and stored, it is logical to invest in a data backup solution in order to secure and protect your business. Moreover, most physical storage devices don’t last forever and need to be replaced every few years and when they die without a backup in place, you can be more or less guaranteed to lose at least parts of or all of your data.
Loss of critical data is the biggest concern businesses face in the case of physical storage device failure – Secondary Backup is essential for this reason.

Regardless of this, people still associate backup with cost rather than an investment for securing the future of their business. Data backup is not just the IT manager’s responsibility, but it is also a key topic that any smart shareholder should consider as a way to protect their investment. So, let’s now have a look at some of the reasons why you’re better off investing in a backup solution.

Why you should invest in a sound Backup solution

The biggest and most devastating effect of not having a backup solution in place for your critical files is the close to irreversible damage which results should they be lost i.e. permanent and irreplaceable loss of critical data which in many cases results in business failure. Although sophisticated data protection solutions are not cheap, the cost would be far less than if you were to suffer an irreparable loss and company and business losses that would go along with it.

In regards to time and having to deal with the presumed “hassle” of taking the time to backup your files, you can always outsource the task to someone else and have a backup and recovery service provider do all the work for you. The majority of cloud backup service providers these days are also able to provide you with quick configuration options.

The backup solutions are automated so you don’t have to think about the process. They are also incremental ensuring they don’t eat up a lot of bandwidth. Your important information is stored many miles away from your computer so you don’t have to worry about losing data should something happen to your original files. Cloud backup solutions also run in the background, requiring close to no intervention on your part ensuring your data is secure, allowing you to sleep better at night knowing you’re protected in the case of an emergency. The bottom line is that backup is essential and should not even be an option if your are a serious business with the company’s best interests in mind.