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The 5 benefits of a private broadband network

Broadband connectivity often lies between a business and its success.

Choosing the right network means choosing the most appropriate broadband connection between an organisation and its customers, suppliers and partners. Integrating all high-speed network service advantages into a single ‘Private Broadband Network’ creates a connectivity model that meets all the changing needs of the business and brings its more important priorities into perspective.

1. Private broadband internet is a fully tailored solution

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding to multiple branches, or simply want to let your business grow at its fullest potential, private broadband network offers full packages of tail circuit and highly tailored network solutions.

2. Simplified network management

The easiest solution to managing all incoming and outgoing internet traffic lies in one consolidated traffic package across an entire organisation. A centralised internet gateway delivers organisations with a single point for firewalling, monitoring, remote access and content filtering, ensuring that business-critical data always arrives first.

3. Network with efficiency-driving technologies

A private broadband connection is in many cases vastly scalable (from 10Mbps to 1Gbps), with single or large Static IP address ranges, and is highly customisable to all business requirements. With QoS prioritisation and MPLS technology, it enables traffic management, giving priority to the most important traffic (voice, video and data).

4. Control over circuit is control over costs

A private broadband network is cost-efficient and provides more control over expenditure. Costs can be easily predicted and managed. Traffic prioritisation reduces the need for full bandwidth, reducing the costs of the full service. In other words, the user doesn’t have to pay for a full service the entire time – just for the service used.

5. Increased flexibility

A private network helps companies adapt to changes in the business environment by being the primary driver of business agility; it paves the way for a companies’s success and enables flexibility and responsiveness to the ever-changing demands of business.
A private broadband IP network can be considered a strategic weapon for businesses all over Australia, expanding along with the company, with maximum efficiency and simplicity.