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Private MPLS network and its business advantages

Despite having been available for several years, it is only recently that the multiple benefits of MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) networks have been recognised by SMBs and larger enterprises. These benefits include the fact that the use of a MPLS network speeds-up overall traffic flow and makes it much easier to manage, it is secure, flexible, cost efficient and provides incredible performance levels.

Traffic Engineering with MPLS

One of the most obvious advantages of Multi Protocol Label Switching is that it provides a number of tools for traffic engineering. With Cos/QoS and priority queuing, the network recognises which traffic is most important and prioritises it over other traffic. Customers, for example, can define a higher priority level which will ensure that VoIP traffic will be routed first through the network, while less critical traffic, such as email, is sent thereafter.

Single Gateway means Enhanced Security

In the context of Private Multi Protocol Label Switching there is no need for firewalls at each remote site – this means less security rules and less complexity. When deploying a Private MPLS network, a single centralised internet gateway and firewall is recommended to provide the simplest and most secure environment. With only one gateway into the private network, this single critical point can be easily monitored and more effectively managed. With no internet-facing gateways at business locations, all possible malicious activity and remote user access can be monitored from a single centralised internet gateway.

Flexibility with Disaster Recovery

The flexibility it provides during business disaster recovery is one of the major advantages of a Private MPLS network. Having a resilient and companywide Private MPLS network means, that in the event of a single-site disaster, a business can redeploy resources to alternate locations in real time. A Private MPLS network provides a business with the essential connectivity it needs to facilitate recovery in the event of a disaster.

Cost Saving when using MPLS

Depending on the data network currently in use, ongoing WAN operating costs can be significantly reduced over traditional data services infrastructures (IP VPN), while ensuring a higher level of reliability and service. In addition to reducing costs, MPLS eliminates private network (inter-office) usage charges.

MPLS allows Network Scalability

For growing businesses, a scalable network is vital. Multi Protocol Label Switching offers companies an edge in their highly competitive marketplace, by ensuring that adding new locations or servicing remote teleworkers via the Private MPLS network, is simple and easy.

Hosted Private Multi Protocol Label Switching Networks are the Best

Hosted Private Multi Protocol Label Switching networks dramatically reduce network complexity in businesses and lessen the need for additional IT staff. By partnering with a Private Multi Protocol Label Switching service provider such as GCOMM, businesses are able to take advantage of the company’s investment in an Australia-wide network, while avoiding the complexities of infrastructure ownership and maintenance costs.

Network Aggregation

There are many connectivity broadband networks available throughout Australia. Each network offers unique coverage, performance and pricing levels appropriate to the application and the region. Accessing the right network at the right location is the key to finding the ideal solution for your business. An aggregator provides a single network by interconnecting with all the national networks available, eliminating the restrictions imposed by single carriers and as a result, offers a simplified holistic solution for businesses. This solution implies a single partnership, a single invoice and a single point of accountability.

The Solution

A network is the foundation of a business; it supports the entirety of its IT operations. In respect of a Private MPLS network, a single gateway creates a secure environment for businesses; quality of service ensures applications performance; resiliency provides the means to recover from a disaster; and cost savings over traditional IP VPN improves the bottom line. For businesses wishing to remain competitive in today’s challenging business climate, and wanting to maintain their agility and availability to customers, a Private Multi Protocol Label Switching network is the solution.