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Hardware procurement assistance for your business

Many businesses today use ad hoc procurement when it comes to hardware and software purchases. These are usually done when and as the need arises because companies don’t really plan too far ahead when it comes to this, especially since circumstances change often in the business environment.

Challenges of buying ad hoc hardware 

The problem is that the ad hoc procurement only takes into account the current special price attraction that someone might see on a website or anywhere else. It is considered a good deal then but there are many potential problems with buying ad hoc:

  • Challenge of keeping continuity of hardware. Reactive purchasing means a variety of hardware is purchased without a clear and coherent strategy.
  • Multiple vendors add to complexity because various touch points for support are certain to increase the costs.
  • Management of warranty and license information becomes very complicated with hardware and software from many different sellers.
  • Stock availability and urgent purchases can become problematic.

Benefits procurement assistance provides to your business 

There are many other factors to take into consideration that can affect the overall value of the purchase. With procurement assistance, the following is provided:

  • Consistent and demonstrably competitive pricing.
  • Massive time savings on purchasing.
  • Advice and expertise in current market trends and products.
  • Ongoing management of warranties, subscriptions and licenses.
  • Single point of contact to manage support.
  • Escalation service to help if vendor support is not satisfactory.
  • Significant convenience of having someone there to take the load off the IT Manager so they can focus on other activities.

Very few companies have the resources available to manage procurement, yet intelligent, efficient purchasing can be a major cost reducing exercise over the life cycle of technology acquisition. This aspect of IT acquisition is well worth considering when looking at technology purchase.

GCOMM has a procurement assistance service. We offer a central contact to manage hardware and software purchasing. If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me at