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Connectivity will make or break your cloud strategy

The IT and telecommunications market in Australia has been rapidly changing in recent years, most notably impacted by the uptake of cloud services. Cloud services offer a compelling value proposition to businesses; often $0 upfront costs, subscription-based licencing, flexibility and versatility. However, many Australian businesses are held back by a lack of critical connectivity infrastructure needed to connect to these services.

At GCOMM, we have conversations with clients looking to move to the cloud every day, and we realise many organisations might not fully understand some of the crucial factors that should be considered before deciding to move specific applications or platforms (including cloud voice, server and desktop computing, backup and other such services) to the cloud.

Why are your connectivity and network so important?

Cloud services are bandwidth-hungry and the more users accessing these services, the hungrier they get. If you are considering moving specific services and applications, or in fact, the whole business to the cloud, one of the first things you should assess is your current connectivity. Unfortunately, it is often not considered until after cloud services have been implemented into the business. Technologies such as NBN, which are designed for fast web browsing, are being asked to support many other time-sensitive applications such as voice and video with an expectation that these applications will continue to perform flawlessly. Expectations of the service and responses to non-enterprise connections need to be adjusted.

The best technologies for a consistent cloud experience have guaranteed SLAs, high bandwidth and scalability, and symmetrical upload/download. With the right infrastructure and dedicated bandwidth, the network is capable of supporting whatever you’re planning on implementing reliably, consistently and without interruption. These technologies, namely fibre, are enterprise-grade and will ensure that information gets to where it needs to. In saying this, there is another consideration to be made: you get a premium service, you pay a premium price. It’s the old adage, you get what you pay for… right?

Enter: GCOMM Fibre1000

Fibre1000 is a premium, high-speed fibre service delivered from an unprecedented $799 per month. Designed to connect locations across Australia – not just metro areas – to super fast fibre and open up a multitude of possibilities.

You can choose to allocate the entire 1000Mbps fibre connectivity to a single service, such as cloud PBX or Internet, or you can split it up to a maximum of 4 services, including GCOMM Secure Private Network, unlimited Internet, PBX and other cloud services, or connect directly to public cloud providers. It’s one-of-a-kind connectivity offering that the Australian market has not seen yet.  

Taking the leap

If you are thinking of moving services to the cloud, talk with a GCOMM Solutions Consultant before starting your journey. Your connectivity will be your foundation for a robust cloud strategy, but there are many other crucial factors your business should be aware of. The distinction between public and private cloud, where your data is held, how it is accessed, secured, and backed up are all important factors as well.

If a cloud strategy has always been just out of reach for your business, or if you’re struggling to take the next step, reach out to find out how we can support your business. Contact your Account Manager or send us a message today.