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Broadband – Internet at the speed of business

Businesses today are becoming increasingly dependent on high-speed and congestion-free internet connection. One of crucial factors in reaching your business goals is how quickly you can communicate with clients, suppliers and partners.

When choosing internet access options, businesses are faced with a multitude of choices, and all providers offer similar services. So instead of researching services and their features, businesses should actually look into internet service providers.

With proven and trusted ITSP, businesses are sure to get an industry-leading internet connection that’s reliable, congestion-free and backed by our Service Level Agreement (“SLA”). The right choice of ITSP can get the company internet access ideal for its unique requirements.

True business internet access

Why does it matter which provider the company chooses? Simply because the right choice can get them the following:

  • Faster and reliable connection with clients and co-workers
  • Improved productivity – things get done faster
  • Quality provider offers a true peace of mind with industry leading SLA
  • A guarantee that your business stays connected with core network redundancy
  • Reliable and flexible service for business

Internet access types for business users

A proven business-grade ITSP offers a variety of access technologies that can be combined or complemented to reach the service quality standards businesses require. Access options available to business users include Fibre, Ethernet over copper,Ethernet over fibre, SHDSL, ADSL2+ and ADSL.

Mobile Broadband allows business users genuine mobility. High-speed internet access from just about anywhere with a mobile phone signal.

Fibre access allows for complete customisation, so fibre solutions can be tailored to meet specific needs of any business.

Virtual Private Networks offer companies fast, and highly secure connections between multiple business locations.

SHDL internet makes an ideal choice for businesses that rely on online voice and video services.

Connect business with confidence

Modern companies are looking for a business data access solution (BDAS) capable of addressing  individual needs. A proven ITSP such as GCOMM offers a range of options with services such as CloudLuxe Connectivity. Service offering based on carrier-diverse telecommunications MPLS network successfully aggregates Australia’s major carriers. A true business ITSP, it offers simple, scalable, national access and aggregation connectivity, with a choice of bandwidths suitable for any business’ needs.