GCOMM, A Nexon Asia Pacific Company, is Australia’s leading provider of network connectivity, cloud and managed IT services. We combine our strong network foundation, engineering capabilities and partnerships with recognised technology vendors to enable our customers to transform their business.

Established in 1996 in Queensland, GCOMM has grown to offer a range of technology solutions through a direct and wholesale channel. The company has won several awards and our engineers hold leading industry certifications.


Over two decades, we’ve built loyal partnerships, worked with hundreds of satisfied customers and experienced continued growth fuelled by well-deserved referrals.

We’ve evolved our technology, services and support to meet the needs of today’s changing market, but our mission remains the same – to help our customers grow, compete, communicate and run their business with confidence in today’s digital world.



Values are ideals, they are what is important to us at GCOMM – how we want to work together, learn together and get things done. By having our core values and behaviours clearly defined, we help our employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders understand what we stand for as a company and what they can expect from us.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus

We put ourselves in the place of a customer and make an effort to understand their perspective.

We cultivate a friendly and approachable attitude, along with professional behaviour and manners.

When having a conflict or a problem, we demonstrate a desire to help and provide a solution as quickly as possible.



We take full responsibility for everything in our area of influence, including our work, our team, and the way we interact with each other.

We have in mind that we could be a role-model and aspire to lead by example.

We understand the importance of quality of work, not just completing a task in a suboptimal manner.

Learning and Growth

Learning and Growth

When facing a challenge, conflict, or a problem, we consider it our responsibility to learn and explore the issue to get a full picture.

We pay attention to the gaps in our knowledge and competencies, and further think and act in ways to improve on them.

When confronted with an unfamiliar task or an incomplete piece of information, we try to research and find the answer, before asking other people for help.

Integrity and Trust

Integrity and Trust

We act as we say, even when it’s hard: we don’t make promises we cannot keep, we don’t blame others, and don’t talk behind people’s back.

We are open and honest in our communication and don’t ignore problems.

We take great care in protecting confidential information or user access rights while ensuring transparency by sharing information and knowledge freely with others.



We show empathy and care in interpersonal relationships.

During a discussion, we listen to everyone, actively participate, and strive to make a positive contribution.

We are open to giving and receiving feedback and advice.



We are open to new ideas and approaches, valuing them as opportunities for growth and success.

We foster a safe work environment for testing out new methods, ideas or opinions and support others in their effort to be innovative.

We treat our work, industry, and position as an opportunity to be creative in small and big things.


With more than 20 years of experience, GCOMM has grown into a recognised provider of connectivity, cloud and managed IT services to Australian businesses. We combine smart strategic insight with deep technology expertise to enable our customers to achieve positive business outcomes.

Cleverly designed network

We own and operate an Australia-wide high speed, high performance aggregated network. Our points of presence are located in some of Australia’s best data centres where we interconnect with the country’s top tier carriers. This means you are guaranteed end-to-end performance, high availability, minimal latency and service level connectivity, plus a large choice of connectivity services and price options.

Sharp customer focus

We focus on what matters most – our customers and their business. From the time we brought our first customer onboard in 1996 to present, our goal has always been the same – to deliver an easy, reassuring and positive experience through every customer interaction, in person and online. That’s why we keep fine-tuning our systems, tools and processes to ensure that you get a consistently reliable service that’s worth talking about.

Deep technology expertise

Our tenured team of engineers have strong expertise in designing, configuring and maintaining complex network infrastructures. They have built the GCOMM network from the ground up making it one of the largest and most robust aggregated broadband networks in Australia. We combine this specialised technical know-how with proven technologies, tools and industry best practices to deliver the best, most secure and reliable IT solutions that your business needs.


We are trusted by some of Australia’s leading brands. Give us an opportunity to show you why.


We partner with companies who are leaders in their field so we can bring you the best technology, practices and insights.


Staying at the forefront of technological advancements means we are able to bring the best knowledge, skills and expertise to your business.


The awards we have won over the years are a testament to our continued dedication and focus on our customers.



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